Thursday, April 11, 2013

Crochet Heart Pillow

I have been making so many crochet items for other people, so I really wanted to make something for my little girl. I wanted to pick something I could quickly make, and since I love my girl so much, I thought this heart pillow expressed my sentiments perfectly! It only took a few hours to work up.

I know, I know, a pillow for a toddler seems less desirable than a stuffed animal or toy, but I figure she will always be able to keep this pillow as she grows and take it with her wherever life takes her when she's older. Then she will always have a reminder of my love for her, even if we are far apart!


If you'd like to make your own heart pillow, then head over to Mon Makes Things blog to find the pattern.  I did use different yarn than the pattern called for. I used 3 strands of worsted weight yarn and 1 strand of sport weight yarn. I also ended up with a few extra stitches in my rounds, but I was able to improvise instead of frogging my work and finding where I added too many. It is a very forgiving pattern so I was able to make it work!


  1. Jackie!! I cannot tell you how excited and happy this post makes me!! :))) Your pillow looks SO CUTE!

    I am going to add it to my Facebook page tomorrow, linking to your blog!

    In response to your other comment, I bought my pompom makers at Michael's, but they sell them at JoAnns too! Check YouTube for "clover pompom makers" to see how they work. :)

    Thanks so much for sharing!!

    1. Thank you! I enjoyed making it :)
      Thanks for the info on the Pom Pom maker, I will definitely check out the videos!

  2. Love the pillow! I was wondering how much of each skein of yarn it used?

    1. Thank you! Unfortunately, I have no clue how much yarn it took. I just used from skeins I had in my stash. It wasn't a whole bunch. Sorry!

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