Monday, May 27, 2013

Free crochet patterns

I have been a total slacker lately with writing in my blog! I have just found myself to be super busy with an 18 month old, babysitting another 15 month old, and trying to keep up with the mess toddlers make of my house! I will finally get my living room cleaned just to have my daughter destroy it with mounds of toys and diapers thrown about and Cheerios spilled amongst the rest of it! Ah, the life of a SAHM! I'm sure many can relate!

I haven't done any new crochet projects lately, but thought I'd share with you all a few of my favourite websites to find free patterns.
Moogly is a great source for a round up of projects. She will post similar projects together so you can pick your favourite option.
Ravelry is a community website where you have to sign up (for free) to join. There are free patterns and ones you have to pay for. You can search through just free patterns, there's some great ones.
Stitch 11 has some wonderful patterns for kid wear. I have tried out many of her patterns and have loved them all so far!
The Yarn Box is a free crochet pattern directory, so you will find some of the same patterns from the other websites I listed. It is just a huge collection of different designer's free patterns.
Repeat Crafter Me has not only crochet patterns but also other crafting ideas and some crockpot recipes. Take a look through her blog, there are a variety of posts!

If you're looking to try out a new pattern, have a look at these websites, I'm sure you'll find something that you will want to try.

Have a great week everyone!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Baby shower!

Hey everyone! So I feel bad that I haven't written a blog post lately. Since I was so busy with preparing my amazing friends baby shower, I figured I'd share some pictures from the event.

Since the guest of honour was a baby boy, the theme was moustaches and the color green. I made a stencil for moustaches and cut out a bunch, put a hole punch in the middle, and secured them to bendy straws with a small drop of white glue.

I had help putting the shower on from another one of the new mommy's friends. She did an amazing job securing pictures of the baby on water bottles for the guests.

She also took on the responsibility of bringing food. I took pictures of the food tables after the shower, and as you can see, there was so much that the guests hardly made a dent in it!

I had some moustache cookie cutters, so we were able to make some sugar cookies to match the theme!

Here is a picture of the gift table. I made a diaper cake with moustaches on each level, and put some crocheted ribbed booties as the topper. They will fit baby this fall/winter. There are" handlebar" moustaches on either side of the banner above the table. Also on the right side of the table, I put together a door prize for the guests to enter to win. Each entry was $1 and the money went towards babies first bank account.

My accomplice also put together a finger print tree instead of the typical guest book. Something that can be hung in babies nursery! 

The shower went amazingly and of course baby slept through the whole thing! But that's ok, because I got to spend the whole previous week with him! Lucky me!