Frugal Tips

Here is an index of all the frugal tips I've blogged about:

Inexpensive Eyeglasses- Directs you to a website where you can find a variety of eyeglasses at very affordable prices.     

L'ORÉAL Coupons - If you use L'ORÉAL products, check the link in this post often for any coupons L'ORÉAL has offered for skin care and hair care.

Diaper Prices - Brand name diapers versus no-name diapers.

Fliers vs Window Shopping - I've replaced window shopping which tends to lead to impulse buys, with looking through the weekly fliers.

Save money on shaving cream - Instead of using shaving cream, try hair conditioner for a cheaper alternative.

A new way to coupon - Use this app to make money instead of cutting coupons!

DIY hair detangler spray - Save money by making your own hair detangler spray

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