Thursday, March 14, 2013

Window Shopping vs Browsing Fliers

Window shopping seems to be the thing to do when you don't want to spend any money, but I've come to find that even with the intentions of just browsing, we always end up buying something we really didn't need. Does any one agree?

I have replaced window shopping with browsing my local fliers! I love flier day! Each week I get a stack of fliers to peruse through, and I always find something that I want. But since I'm not actually at the store holding the item in my hand, there is no chance for me to buy it on impulse. I generally end up regretting every impulse buy I make. When I do see something in a flier that I think I want, my desire to have it is outweighed by the thought of getting ready to go up town, packing up my daughter, strapping her in the car seat, driving to the store, unloading my daughter and carrying her through the store, finding the item and buying it, then driving back home again. Once I've gone through the whole mental process of having to go make my purchase, the reasonable side of me kicks in telling me that I really don't need whatever it is. Its just a want, and ultimately not a good choice to put our limited finances towards.

I know it could seem like a huge waste of paper to receive fliers on a weekly basis, but there are many ways to reuse or recycle this paper once you're done looking through them. Here is a list of ideas to be ecofriendly:
 - Keep the paper to use for wrapping gifts instead of buying expensive wrapping paper.
 - Use it for safely packaging breakable items, such as Christmas decorations or during a move.
 - Use it for fire starter in your fireplace or for bonfires during the summer.
 - If you have cats, you can tear it into tiny strips and use it for kitty litter. (Its a little messier and has no odor protection, but it works when you're in a pinch!)
 - Use it for cleaning windows or glass for streak free results.
 - Make a weed barrier under mulch or soil in your flower gardens.
 - Wrap unripen fruit to help them ripen quicker.
 - Pack into damp or smelly luggage, stinky plastic containers or smelly fridge to absorb odors.
 - Make paper mache crafts with it. All you need is 1 part flour with 1 part water! 
Paper mache is not only a kids activity, check out this amazing website to see different projects made from paper mache. has different recipes and tips to create wonderful pieces of art!
 - Or just take it to your local paper recycle center.

Not only does looking through the fliers help me save money, it also gives me something to do for 15 minutes while I drink a nice cup of coffee. My daughter also loves to play in the pile of fliers afterwards (and while I'm trying to read them). She moves them and stacks them into a different pile and pretends to read them as well.

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