Tuesday, June 30, 2015


The creative challenge this month was calligraphy.

I actually dislike my handwriting very much, so this challenge was not up my alley. I think calligraphy looks beautiful, but it would definitely take a lot of time and practice to perfect a lettering style and get the right pressure on downstrokes versus up strokes.

We went on holidays this month to beautiful Maui so I didn't leave myself much time to practice for this challenge. I happened to have a calligraphy pen and ink from my wedding. I bought it with hopes of addressing all the invitation envelopes with it, but after writing one and seeing how bad it looked, I did not follow through with it.

I kept the pen and ink though. So I pulled it out for this challenge and practiced the alphabet.

As you can see my consistency is very bad. Especially after freshly dipping the pen in the ink.

I did find a tutorial online if calligraphy is something you want to get into. Check out  this website for a series on how to learn calligraphy in 5 days.

Or if you just want to fake it, here are 40 free calligraphy fonts you can use on your computer.( I like #36.)


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