Thursday, February 21, 2013


Have you heard of Pinterest?

Well let me tell you how amazing it is! Its an online pin board of absolutely anything you can find on the web.  I have found so many amazing ideas for DIY projects, fun things to do with my toddler, and new recipe ideas.

When my friend first told me about the website, I was not impressed. In fact, I thought it sounded pretty lame! But I finally checked it out and was instantly hooked on it. As a crafter this website is essential for getting inspiration flowing! My craft board is overflowing with projects I would like to tackle.

Even if you aren't a crafty person by heart, I would encourage you to check it out for other resources as well. It seriously has everything! It is so much easier to search things then with your regular web browser. You don't even need to set up an account to browse through it. But if you do make an account, you can save your favorite pins for later reference.

Check it out at

Happy pinning!

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