Saturday, February 23, 2013


Are you spending more money then you'd like to on your eyeglasses?

This is a frugal tip for everyone out there who has to buy eyeglasses for themselves or anyone in their family.

Eyeglasses can be very pricey! And what's worse? Your prescription can change the following year, resulting in more money spent!

I wanted to share a website with you that you may not have heard about. It is called zennioptical. They have so many different styles of glasses to choose from, some for as little as $7.00!!!!! There are different frame options, colors, sizes, even sunglasses.

I know many people dislike ordering online for fear when they receive their purchase it just won't look good on their face. Zennioptical has tried solving this problem with what they call Zenni Frame Fit. You can upload a picture of your face, then virtually try on the pairs of glasses you like.

You will need to know your lens prescription to order your glasses. If you don't have that information you can phone your optometrist's office and they can give it to you over the phone or print you a copy.

 I received good reviews from people who have ordered from this website and were extremely happy with the experience, shipping and their final products.

Scroll through their website. I'm sure you'll find something you like. :)

(Disclaimer- all opinions are my own. Zennioptical does not pay me for recommending them. In fact, they most likely are not even aware that this little blog post exists! )

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