Sunday, May 21, 2017

Gallery Wall

A couple months ago I joined the world of Instagram. If you have an account you can find me as !
I have been following homesense as it's become my favorite place to shop for decorating our new house. I was posting for a contest they were putting on and commented on one of their posts and I won a gift card for $150!! What what!! I was so excited!

So I headed into the store hoping to find some items to put together a gallery wall and my shopping was a total success! Here is everything I found.

Everything else on the wall I made! A couple of these items have special meaning to me. The long board on the far side is a very old piece of wood that came off of our last house  (and first home we bought). We had to remove it for repairs while we were renovating. The house was built in 1912. I wrapped some twine around it and have mini clothes pins to hang pictures on it.

The other two items of importance are the 2 white picture frames. They were old floor boards from when we renovated the baby's room during our first pregnancy. I guess I didn't make those. I saved some of the wood and had my dad make the frames and then I white washed them. 

I made the herringbone pattern on one with paint sticks. And the other I painted a cute saying that I've seen floating around on Pinterest.

These are some simple chevron arrows I made and stained to match our trim in our house.

This heart wreath is made from burlap garland and some paper roses made from book pages.

The long board I mentioned earlier.

And I already showed you the star I made in my last post.

It's amazing how doing this project made it feel so much more like home. I think I might add to it later on but I'm pretty happy with it for now.

Now I'm headed back outside to enjoy the rest of the beautiful weather on this May long weekend!

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