Monday, October 20, 2014

Rake Necklace Holder

The wonderful world of Pinterest sparked my desire to make a necklace holder out of a rake. So, one weekend while I was visiting at the farm, I took a stroll through the old garden shed, and found a beat up rake that just happened to be missing it's handle. And when I say "took a stroll" I really just mean I walked up to the shed and it was the first thing I saw sitting on the bench right beside the door. It must have been just as eager to become my next project as I was!

So I brought it home and scrubbed it clean. There were some areas where the old paint was chipping off, so I used some sandpaper just to smooth out those spots. This rake must have earned its keep because it is bent and warped. I hammered some of the spokes to make it a bit flatter but I don't mind the used look so went ahead and painted it. 

 I wrapped twine around the handle to polish off the look and so I could make a way to hang it up.

Here it is hung on the wall with my necklaces on it.

If you wanted to make one of these but don't like the bent look of an old used rake, you could always buy a new one and dismantle it. But this one was free, so I'm embracing the bends!

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