Monday, August 18, 2014

DIY Hair Accessory Holder

If you have little girls like me, you are probably familiar with the piles of hair clips and head bands that accumulate all around your house! How about giving those hair accessories a place to call home? 

I made this hair accessory holder for free with things I had in my craft supplies.

What you need:
• Piece of cardboard (Mine is 17"x14.5")
• Scrap fabric big enough to cover the cardboard
• Scrap ribbons
• 4 hooks or paper clips
• Hot glue gun

Cut your cardboard to the size you want. (Keep in mind where you want to hang it.)
 Iron out fabric to eliminate wrinkles. Wrap your fabric around the cardboard. Glue it to the back with the hot glue gun, working on opposite sides to keep the fabric stretched evenly. Fold corners as if wrapping a present and glue down.


Place ribbons on top of fabric covered cardboard to find desired arrangement. (You can iron your ribbons if you'd like them to look smooth. (I didn't bother ironing mine since I figured the hair clips would put creases in them anyways.)

Wrap ends of ribbon to the back of the board and glue down. Do not pull ribbons too tight, you will want a bit of space to pull the ribbon up when you put the hair clips on and off.

Use a spare ribbon or a long piece of yarn to hang the board on the wall. Glue ends of yarn (or ribbon) at the back top corners.

If you want to hang head bands on your board you can attach small hooks on the bottom of your board. I did not have any hooks nor did I want to run to the store so I used paper clips and bent them into hooks and added a shape on the ends.

Poke holes through the fabric and cardboard. Thread paper clip ends through. Bend paper clip at the back to run flat against the board and glue down.

Attach hair clips, hang the board and continue to attach hair clips as you find them randomly laying around the house! ;)

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