Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Banana Oatmeal Breakfast Muffins

Lately my daughter hasn't been much of a breakfast eater. She will drink her milk but only takes a couple bites of her cereal and doesn't want any more. I am a firm believer that breakfast is super important so was not too pleased with her sudden disinterest. I decide maybe she just needed a change up from cereal, perhaps she was getting bored of it.

I tried out these banana oatmeal breakfast muffins. They are very healthy, (no sugar, just honey) and are also quite filling! I do have a major sweet tooth though, so I added a small handful of chocolate chips to the batter. These muffins are made with oats, flax and greek yogurt. I used my magic bullet to grind up the oats into an oat flour. 

It seems to have done the trick, because little monkey eats one right away and then wants more!

I had bought these silicone cupcake liners because I thought they would be cute for cupcakes for future birthdays for my daughter. I like to use them whenever I bake muffins because it gives me a dozen muffins where I don't need to use paper liners. Saves money, and garbage! Win win!

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