Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Almond Sugar Cookies

One of the lovely blogs a follow posted about these cookies. It's a rainy day here and I'm babysitting, so while the kids played and kept each other busy,  I figured I'd try them out.

They turned out wonderfully. They have a lovely taste with a hint of almond extract.

I had to alter the recipe because I did not have cake flour or shortening. Instead I used all butter when it called for butter and shortening and all-purpose flour in place of the cake flour. I also didn't have raw sugar so I rolled the cookies in regular granulated sugar. Worked perfectly!

Check out the recipe here  if you want to try them out for yourselves. I'm sure you won't be disappointed if you do!
Both kids are napping right now so I get some time to myself to blog and indulge on fresh cookies! Ha ha. 

Life is good!

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