Tuesday, April 25, 2017


Happy Tuesday everyone! 

I'm just checking in quick with an update on the house work. I've been slowly getting some painting done. The color the contractor put on the walls did not work at all with the dark maple trim. It was called ghost grey but against the brown it pulled out too much of a beige color instead of grey. 
Sorry for my poor photography skills, taking a picture of a wall with a huge window letting in a bunch of light just makes the wall look really dark. I hope you can get an idea of what the color looked like. (In hindsight, I should have closed the blinds)

I've picked the color Rainwashed from Sherwin Williams to replace that boring color! I started with one wall. Waited a couple days and then decided to finish all the walls in the kitchen area. It's been a few weeks since then but I just finished the rest of this back wall leading into the living room. 

I've left the ladder out because I'm hoping to get the rest tackled in a few days. Our house is open concept so I'm trying to decide where to stop this color. The outside corners are also rounded and I am not convinced I want to change colors on an edge. I think that might look weird. But I also know I don't want this color leading down to the entryway. 

Also, can you tell how much shorter the ladder is then my vaulted ceiling?! That was a bit sketchy painting the peak of that wall. Haha. I had to ignore the warning on the step where it says "do not stand on this step or above".

Some days it feels like it's taking forever to make this house a home. But life is busy with little kids, so we'll just keep working away at it slowly when we can find the time.

Hope you all have a great week! 

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