Wednesday, March 15, 2017

DIY Picture Frame Update

I bought these pictures roughly 11 years ago. While I still like the actual pictures themselves, they don't go with the style I'm trying to decorate our house with. I decided to experiment a bit to see if I could give them a more rustic charm.

It's not the best before picture. Sun was shining through the blinds, but you get the idea. They were black frames. 

I put two coats of white paint on, not worrying too much about brush strokes or uneven areas as the next step is distressing the paint.

I used a medium grit sand paper and scuffed up the edges of the frame and some of the flat areas.

Now I really have to get the walls painted so they don't blend in so much!

I will eventually find them a new wall to live on because I have another plan for where they are currently. But for now, I'm happy with the switch from modern to rustic. 

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