Monday, April 6, 2015

DIY Skinny Jeans

I have seen a few tutorials on how to turn your jeans into skinny jeans. A friend gave me some hand-me down jeans and they fit great other than being just a tad bit short. The flare of the jeans at the shorter length made them look a little funny when I wore shoes, so I would usually just wear them with boots. I could tuck them into the boots and no one would know. Since the jeans were free, I decided to try making them into skinny jeans because I wouldn't be out any money if I screwed them up. I figured if they looked horrible, I could just keep tucking them into boots.

First I turned the jeans inside out and layed the jeans on the floor. I layed a pair of skinny jeans that I already owned on top of the jeans I wanted to convert and lined them up to the inside seem so I would only have to sew and cut on one side. I drew a line to trace the skinny jeans and pinned the two pant leg layers together.

 I then sewed a straight stitch over top the line I drew while tracing the jeans, and reinforced the line with a zig-zag/straight stitch combination. (Sorry I don't know the proper stitch name. Refer to picture.)

I turned my jeans right side out and tried them on to make sure they fit good before cutting off the extra material. I was happy with the results so went ahead and cut it off.

They aren't perfect but if you aren't looking at them really close you can't tell. Now I can wear them with my boots and with flats! Yay!

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