Friday, September 26, 2014

Dress Up Hat

The weather will be getting colder soon, hat season is coming! I was looking for a new hat to make for big sister. I came across the "Rapunzel" ones, with hair made out of yarn and braided in pig tails, and thought that would look so cute!

Well, I started looking for a pattern and then it dawned on me, I could make any beanie hat I wanted and then just add the yarn hair to the brim.

So here it is!

It looks SO cute on her. I even put it on little sister just for fun and she looked just like a cabbage patch doll.

The best thing about this hat is its multi purpose. Big sister can wear it outside to keep her head warm, but she can also wear it inside to play dress up!

Now I have to decide on a new hat for little sister. There's a few I like, so I have to narrow it down and pick one!

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