Friday, March 14, 2014

DIY detangler spray

My daughter's hair has grown quite long. She's always slept on her stomach so I've never had a problem with bad bed head in the morning. That is until recently!
She has started sleeping on her back and her long pretty locks have been getting very tangled.

(Some mornings are worse than this)

 She wasn't liking getting her hair brushed anymore because it was pulling and hurt! So I decided to try making a hair detangler spray instead of buying expensive store boughten ones. 

Mix 1 part conditioner with 8 parts water. (Use hot water so the conditioner mixes in easily) 
I have a spray bottle from the dollar store which was the perfect size for 1/4 cup conditioner and 2 cups water.

You can use whatever conditioner you have on hand. This is also like a leave in conditioner so you can use it on yourself as well! It doesn't weigh your hair down or make it feel greasy.

When I made it I told my daughter it was a special spray for her hair so it wouldn't hurt to brush it. She lets me spray it on and brush her hair with no resistance now! Her hair looks so shiny afterwards!

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